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Wylde Adventure

Adventure - Paid

An Adventure Game
That Seriously Packs
a Punch

Wyldes Adventure is an indie puzzle game developed and published by SetKey Games. The player leads the Adventures travel through mazes of optical illusions and impossible objects while manipulating the world around him to reach various platforms. 

Work In Progress

Check out our new amazing levels which are getting developed .


3.5 Rating


Wow! This could really be one of the best games out there.

Max Ottis

love the game! one of the few that if you play strategically you can earn enough energy to play for a while.

Charlie K

Love the game💜. Overall art and and effects amazing for this type of game

Sofie Zacks

Single Player Game

Set Sail On Adventures to Win Tokens and Unlock Rare Items

Coming Soon 

Coming Soon To

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